Below you’ll find several examples where Chorley Computer Repairs have been able to help solve computing issues for residents of Chorley:

Small Business Equipment and Network Upgrade in Walton Summit

A small retail business approached us to upgrade their IT equipment. A full audit of their equipment was performed and then we provided a list of our recommendations for an upgrade including a NAS device for sharing documents, new PCs running Windows 7 Professional and new routers.

Shortly after the new equipment arrived on site we upgraded the whole network including adding printers to the network so everyone in the office could use them, configuring the NAS device with shared drives and also personal ‘home’ drives for each employee and most importantly migrating all of the data from the old setup.

The CCTV system was also reconfigured to allow remote access so the owners were able to view the CCTV live from their mobiles or home PCs.

If you were thinking about upgrading your office setup to make technology work for you, give us a call on 01257 686 226

Data recovered from dead laptop in Brinscall

When CH’s Sony laptop died and wouldn’t power on again she called Chorley Computer Repairs. She was worried because the laptop held years of very important emails that weren’t backed up anywhere.

We removed the hard drive, took it away and recovered the data. Then all of the emails, photos, documents and videos were imported in CH’s new Apple Mac. At the same time we provided advice on how CH could safely sell on her old laptop, without running any risk of identity theft.

If your PC or laptop has died or isn’t working as it should, give us a call on 01257 686 226

Replaced Failing Hard Disk Drive in Chorley

Mr SD called us from Chorley as his HP Pavillion laptop was refusing to load Windows XP Home. The laptop was getting as far as the Windows screen with the blue scrolling bar but refusing to go any further, even when left for hours!

We were able to determine that the hard disk drive was about to fail. With no backups, Mr SD would have lost all of his data when the drive eventually failed.

Within 2 days we had moved the whole system to a brand new drive, twice the size of his old drive, keeping his entire Windows XP setup exactly the same as before. This meant that he didn’t have to reload any anti-virus software, or re-discover all of his favourites or re-download any music.

His laptop was exactly the same as before only now with twice the storage space and a guarantee on the hard drive in case of any further problems.

If you are suffering with very slow performance from your PC or laptopgive us a call on 01257 686 226

Repaired Broken Laptop Screen in Whittle-le-Woods

Another SD, this time from Whittle-le-Woods, called us to ask for help with her Dell 1545 laptop. Unfortunately the laptop had fallen off the sofa and the screen was cracked and unusable.

Mrs SD had all but decided to scrap the unusable machine and buy a brand new one.

Luckily she tried us first.

Within just 3 days we’d replaced the laptop screen and Mrs D was now back up and running without having to buy a new laptop.

Don’t throw your laptop away! Get a quote to replace your broken screen on 01257 686 226

New Website for Promising New Business in Euxton

When he and his wife decided to start a new business, Mr CL from Euxton rang us to ask for help setting up a website to advertise the business.

Following some short consultations we were able to offer him a mock-up of the design based on his specifications. Next, we sourced domain names for the business before building the website and publishing it to the web.

In addition to the new website we provided a business email address to allow professional looking contact with potential customers.

Publishing a website can be a confusing experience due to the many different parts that combine to give you a working site – domain names, hosting, nameservers, email addresses, databases and so on. It’s easy to become confused and order more extras than you actually need.

Chorley Computer Repairs can design, build and host your website for very reasonable rates.

If you need a website and don’t want to pay a fortune, or if you just want some advice about what you’ll need and what you definitely don’t need, call us on 01257 686 226.