If you call Chorley Computer Repairs and request assistance with a computer problem the hourly cost is fixed.

We charge £40 per hour (or part thereof) for diagnostics, fault-finding, repair and on-site support.

All costs are agreed with you before we start any work. There is no call-out charge.

Both home and business customers welcome.

If your PC or Laptop requires extra work, for example a new hard disk drive, a RAM upgrade or a replacement part, we will give you a quote for the work.

You can then decide whether you would like us to perform the work or not before you pay anything extra.

For example: Mr DH of Whittle-le-Woods called us because since he had installed a new hard drive in his laptop he couldn’t connect to the internet.

On visiting him in his house it was determined that the laptop would need re-building. We quoted Mr DH that it would take one and a half hours to fix, therefore a total cost of £60.

Mr DH agreed and we left with the laptop, returning two days later with a freshly built, working laptop.

Call Chorley Computer Repairs now on 01257 686 226 for more information.