Why Choose Us?

When your computer won’t boot and you’re dying to get onto Facebook or check your email, why would you choose Chorley Computer Repairs over another computer repair company?

There are several options when you need your computer repairing.

On experiencing problems with their PC or laptop, many people immediately decide to go to a large computer retailer in order to get their problems solved.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the best idea.

Big retailers tend to be expensive as they have large overheads.

Also, due perhaps to the fact that their primary business is retail, their technicians can be inexperienced in technical support and are often more sales-orientated.

One of the most popular computer retail stores will charge a standard, flat fee for repairs of around £250. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ten minute job or takes a whole day, they’ll charge that as standard.

For this money your PC could end up in the hands of a disinterested 18 year old who doesn’t really know what to do and would much rather sell you a warranty or service contract.

Another option is to go with an advert in the Yellow Pages. Getting assistance from a local company is likely to be cheaper.

Unfortunately, setting up a PC support business doesn’t require any entrance qualifications or experience. There is no barrier to entry – anybody can think up a fancy name, put up a website and start charging by the hour to “fix PCs”.

Choosing somebody at random from one advert could prove to be an expensive waste of time if the problems isn’t diagnosed and fixed properly.

What you should do is choose an experienced, professionally qualified IT support technician so that you know your PC is in good hands.

After all, would you go to see a Dentist who hadn’t had any training?

Chorley Computer Repairs is owned and run by Ben Catt, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist.

Ben has many up-to-date and relevant qualifications including certifications for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. He spent 10 years working for IBM in a technical support role as well as providing IT support on contracts for the NHS, DEFRA, Dixons Carphone, Unilever, Shop Direct and RSA Group.

Ben graduated from the University of Leeds with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry before completing a Masters in PC Interfacing and Software Applications from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

As you can see, choose Chorley Computer Repairs for assistance and you can be sure that your system is in experienced and highly qualified hands.

Call now for advice on 01257 686 226.